4 Reasons to Make a Cornelius Keg Your Choice

Sooner or later, every homebrewer reaches a point where he really needs to think seriously about investing in a keg for his homebrew. A keg keeps your beer fresher longer. It also eliminates the need to prime and bottle every single batch of homebrew, which any large batch brewer would be happy to know. However, when it comes to the serious homebrewer who really cares about his beer, not just any keg will do. A Cornelius keg is without a doubt the way to go for so many reasons.

1. A Cornelius keg is the professional choice.

So you’re not a professional bar or restaurant owner! Most homebrewers aren’t. However, that doesn’t change the fact that a Cornelius keg is the most efficient at getting the job done right. For that reason, the Cornelius kegs is the fastest growing keg choice amongst home beermakers as well. Choosing an inferior keg means settling for an inferior beer. If you’re going to make the investment, best to do it right so that you really get your money’s worth!

2. You can have any Cornelius keg size you like.

Cornelius doesn’t just provide you with quality and efficiency. It provides you with choice as well. If you still tend to brew smaller batches of homebrew, try the 3 gallon keg to start with. Are you in the habit of serving large crowds or possibly even looking for a keg you could actually open a bar with? Go for the 5 gallon Cornelius keg instead.

3. Cornelius will last you a lifetime.

Sure, a Cornelius keg is an investment… but it’s an investment that will practically last you forever. Made from only the toughest materials and featuring only the very best valves and accessories, your new Cornelius was literally built to last. You won’t have to replace it for years and years unless you want to! As mentioned above, the Cornelius keg is the number one choice amongst homebrewers and beer enthusiasts everywhere for very good reasons and durability is definitely one of those.

4. It’s easier to find cheap Cornelius kegs for sale than you think.

Many homebrewers put off purchasing their Cornelius because they’re sure that it’s going to bankrupt them. However, they clearly don’t know that it’s a simpler task to get a good price on a Cornelius than you would otherwise suppose. Try shopping online for your keg instead of going to a local brick and mortar homebrew shop. Online vendors don’t have to pay as much overhead to run their businesses and the savings wind up being passed on to their valuable customers. When it comes to an item like a keg by Cornelius, those savings can really be substantial.

Whether you’re a long-time homebrewer or someone who’s only recently discovered this exciting hobby, the consensus is pretty much unanimous when it comes to home brew kegs. The Cornelius keg is the way to go, so it really pays to make it your choice, too.