Home Beer Making The Ultimate Experience

Making home brewed beer is a simple but fun experience once all of the equipment is bought. And even the buying is a simple process when you choose to buy a complete home beer making kit.

Home beer making equipment includes:

  • stainless steel brew pot
  • primary fermenter
  • airlock
  • stopper
  • plastic hose
  • beer bucket
  • spout for bottling the beer
  • beer bottles
  • bottle pushes
  • bottle caps
  • bottling machine
  • stick-on thermometer
  • stirring spoons

Home beer making packages with ingredients are a great idea for those just getting started with the process, and the only other thing needed is some sort of fermentable material such as malt extract or demerara sugar and those are included in some of the home beer making packages

Steps of the Process

The first part of home beer making process is to thoroughly sterilize all of the equipment to get rid of any bacteria that might be on it. Each piece of equipment should be washed to remove any dirt or left on matter from the last beer making experience. Once that is removed, the pieces should be sterilized either by placing each item in the dishwasher for the high heat drying cycle or to soak it in a bleach or iodine solution for thirty minutes to kill the bacteria. Once each piece is thoroughly sterilized and dried, then it is time for the next step home beer making process.

The next step in home beer making is to bring two quarts of water to almost a boil. This means that the water should be steaming but not yet boiling in the pot. Once reached, the pot should be removed from the stove and the ingredients from the beer kit should be added to the water and stirred in. (There are directions on the beer kits as to the order the ingredients should be added.) In addition to the ingredients from the beer kit, the fermentable ingredients should be added and stirred until dissolved in the water. Once that is done, the pot should be replaced on the stove and set on the lowest heat for ten to fifteen minutes.

While this is cooking, the primary fermenter should be set up with four gallons of cold water in it. That way, when the ten to fifteen minutes are up, the ingredients from the brew pot can be stirred into the water in the fermenter. This should be stirred for about two minutes so that the yeast can be thoroughly oxygenated. After that, the primary fermentation must last for three to five days, during which time there should be air bubbles rising into the airlock. Once the bubbling stops, or there is at least two minutes that elapse between bubbles, then the primary fermenting process is done and the beer can be bottled.

After the bottling stage two of the home beer making process can begin. When the beer is bottled, you need to wait at least two more weeks before you can enjoy your home made beer.

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