When Is It Time to Consider Kegging Homebrew?

Eventually the day will find you when you’ve been homebrewing for a while. You not only have the entire brewing process down pat from start to finish, but you probably also have your own special tips and tricks that you swear by to other homebrewers. You’ve probably even perfected every recipe you’ve ever tried, not to mention created a few new ones all your own. If you’re serious about making good homebrew, you’ve probably definitely considered investing in a home brew keg system. However, a good kegging system represents a significant investment. How do you know if you’re personally ready to take the plunge?

You’re ready for kegging homebrew when you brew large patches often.

One of the easiest ways you know you’re ready to start kegging your homebrew is when you brew often enough and in large enough batches that the bottling process is starting to get on your nerves. It’s become tedious, takes forever, and has literally turned into something you dread. When you invest in a good set of equipment for kegging homebrew, you’re free to save your bottles for special batches, gift giving or for small batches of brew that you want to keep portable for picnics or bringing along to parties. Use the keg to preserve and store your personal supply at home. It’s more convenient, cleaner and a really nice addition to your home bar area, too.

You’re ready for kegging homebrew when you become a stickler for quality.

Serious homebrewers who have been doing what they do for a long time become total sticklers when it comes to quality. They’re always looking for ways to make the quality of their brew more consistent and keep it that way. Bottling, while reliable to an extent, will never be able to keep your homebrew as fresh as a keg will. When you start kegging homebrew, you remove the need for a separate priming process from your brewing routine. This allows for more consistent carbonation. It also allows you more control over the level of carbonation per batch. The results? Better, fresher, more delicious homebrew that you have to taste to really believe.

You’re ready for kegging homebrew when it’s in your budget.

Although systems for kegging homebrew are without a doubt something every beer maker needs to consider at some point, it’s important to realize that they do represent a significant investment. You want a good quality system made out of durable material like stainless steel and manufactured by a trusted name like Cornelius. You will also probably want to consider a separate fridge for storing your keg and keeping it cold at all times. Plan on spending several hundred dollars at least, but know that it’s worth it. When it comes to kegging homebrew, it just doesn’t pay to cut corners. When you go all out for quality, it really shows in the way your homebrew looks, tastes and lasts. When you’re ready, definitely consider looking into a cornelius keg system for yourself. You won’t believe the difference it makes when it comes to the quality level of your beers.