New recommended product – 3 tier systems

I just placed a new recommended product I absolutely needed to share with you. I always started to drewl a bit when I was at my local brew shop and looked at the 3 tier systems they had to offer. But there was always something that was not according to my wishes, to small, not the right brand, not practical and so on.

On this site I recommend a lot of products you can buy at the High Gravity webstore, that’s because the products they sell are high quality and have a good price. They now have a page where you can build your own home brewery system. You can choose different sizes, different brands and all good quality. And after I talked to a few of my brewing friends and noted their thoughts, I just needed to write a review about it.

I really do recommend you to read my latest review and take a look at the High Gravity webstore page where you can build your own 3 tier system.