Home Brewing Recipes For Dummies

Beer is and always has been very popular and it is almost as old as mankind itself. Beer is part of many cultures and is consumed for its unique qualities and the flavor makes drinking it quite enjoyable. And with the right home brewing recipes we can now create our own great tasting beer.

It all started in 1295. The king of Bohemia, Wenceslas II, founded the town of PlzeH, and shortly after that, he granted 260 of PlzeH’s burghers the right to brew beer. Initially the burghers brewed the beer in their houses and only in small amounts, but later they formed guilds and founded breweries. In time, however, the economy and culture in Bohemia declined, and this affected the brewing. Ignoring the approved technology and using their own recipes, the brewers often produced a distasteful brew that was not worthy to be called beer.

At that time, two types of beer were produced in Europe. Top-fermented beer was brewed, especially in Bohemia, while a bottom-fermented beer, of far better quality, was popular mainly in Bavaria. There was a huge gulf between the Bavarian lagers and the PlzeH’ beers.

An important turning point came in 1839. About 200 of PlzeH’s burghers decided to do something about the situation. They founded the Burgess Brewery, where only bottom-fermented, or Bavarian-style beer, was to be brewed. The famous brewer Josef Groll was called in from Bavaria. He immediately set to work to produce a typical Bavarian beer. The result was very different, but also far better than he had anticipated. Groll’s experience coupled with fine local raw materials helped to produce a beer that took the world by storm.

Find the Right Home Brewing Recipe for Your Taste

Pilsner is only one of those particular home brewing recipes that has been produced for making beer. But there are other home brewing recipes that you could enjoy. Through searching through special reading materials, home brewing recipes choices come in different types that best fit your resources and your taste as well.

The best home brewing recipes come from different sources. Some are from the Internet posted by those who have already tried and tested the home brewing recipes that they are suggesting. But when you have gained some more experience you an even create your own home brewing recipes.