Homebrew supplies you really need

If you love the taste of micro brewed beer, there is now a way to make beer from the comfort of your own home. It is not hard and it is not expensive and its a lot of fun. Homebrew supplies can be found for less than two hundred dollars. Most of the homebrew supplies do not have to be special ordered but can be found in many kitchen specialty stores.

There are some pieces of homebrew supplies needed for a home brewery set that you may already have in your kitchen. Small bowls, oven mitts and pot handlers, large mixing spoons that are either stainless steel or plastic, and a rubber spatula are just a few of the common household items that are needed. In addition, a saucepan is needed for some of the brewing process.

Stick on Thermometer

Another piece of homebrew supplies you need is a stick-on thermometer which can be found at a local fish supply store, such as the kind that sticks onto fish tanks to measure the temperature. This thermometer will be used on the primary fermenter, which is composed of a couple different things. The primary fermenter is one of the most important and specialized pieces of homebrew supplies you need since it is what helps the wort to begin to turn into beer through the first of the fermenting process. This should hold at least seven gallons of wort and must have an airtight airlock and stopper. This allows the carbon dioxide to be let out of the fermenter while refusing to allow air to come into the fermenter from the outside. If the carbon dioxide is not allowed out, the fermenter would explode, but if the air is let in then the fermentation process is not ruined.

Other than this, the other homebrew supplies can possibly be things that are already on hand, such as a pot to boil the ingredients in to make the wort. This brew pot must be made of stainless steel and must be in good condition, holding at least sixteen quarts. If the large pot is not stainless steel or if it is enamel covered metal but it is chipped, it is no good for a home brewery set because the beer will end up tasting like the metal.

The last homebrew supplies you need are the bottles they should be made of plastic or glass and should be darker colored. Because light can also have an effect on the beer inside.