3 Tier Brewing System – A Review

When it comes to the world of serious homebrewing, Blichmann is considered the name to beat for a very good reason. Not only are their products backed by almost two decades of solid experience, know-how, research, and performance, but they are also the choice of dedicated home beer makers everywhere because of the way they outperform the competition.


Build Your Own Gas Fired Brewery
Build Your Own Gas Fired Brewery

Build Your Own Brewery here for the best price and service

Now you can truly take your brewing to the next level with a 3 tier brewing system that includes top-notch Blichmann brewing equipment. When it comes to all grain brewing systems, it’s every homebrewer’s dream to be able to construct a home brewery from the ground up, a brewery built specifically to meet their unique set of needs. Now that dream is a reality.

A 3 Tier Brewing System Is All About Precision and Customization

When you’re in the driver’s seat, your 3 tier brewing system can be whatever you want it to be. The following are just a few of the possibilities that await you. Select the size of your brewing vessels to correspond with the batch sizes you typically produce. Choose from a wide selection ranging from 10 gallon stainless steel wonders all the way to heavy-duty, king-sized, 55-gallon BoilerMakers.

Go all electric when you elect to add a shelf tier to the Blichmann top tier. Easily accommodate your mash tun, brewpot, and HLT. Alternatively, you can combine electric with gas by adding a burner tier as well as a shelf tier. Whatever you prefer, it’s doable! Take things even further when you add features like Ranco controllers, plate chillers, a heat exchanger, a March pump, and many, many more incredible options that will send the quality of your brews into the stratosphere.

Build Your Own Brewery here for the best price and service

What People Are Saying About the 3 Tier Brewing System

“I’ve been homebrewing for a long time and like most long-time homebrewers, I’ve had a dream brewery in my head for a long time. The 3 tier brewing system I had built to my specifications actually turned out to be better than my fantasies, if you can believe it! I prefer to combine electric and gas heat sources when I brew and this made it all possible. Of course, the quality and performance levels have been off the charts. Really, I recommend that every homebrewer invest in a 3 tier brewing system themselves, because you’re just not really brewing until you have one.”

“I love to homebrew and I would even say I’ve gotten serious about it over the past few years since I’ve started. I wanted to build a brewing system that performed up to my standards. However, I don’t have a ton of space to store a lot of extra equipment. The 3 tier brewing system really took care of things for me! Not only is it built to suit my specific needs, but it performs terrifically and it’s space conscious. The best of all worlds!”

“My wife surprised me with a custom-built 3 tier brewing system for my birthday this year and I was practically in tears. I’ve always known that a set-up like this would be pretty sweet, but it turns out that I had no idea. This system is amazing. My brewing routine is so much simpler now and the quality of my brew? Well, let’s just say that it beats anything I can buy in a store… even off of the top shelf.”