Brew Kettles a Guy Can Only Dream About

Once a home beermaker gets beyond the teething stages of learning his craft, he quickly begins to understand the importance of having only the very best beer brewing kettles at his disposal. Stainless steel brewing equipment is durable and made to last a lifetime. It’s also the optimal choice when it comes to making sure your beers stay pure and uncontaminated throughout the entire brewing process. The right stainless steel brew pot is quite simply the Holy Grail of homebrewing as far as the serious homebrewer is concerned.

boilermaker blichmann

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However, understanding that the right steel brew kettles are must-haves and figuring out which one is the right one for you are two different animals. If you’re going to invest in premium brewing equipment, why not make it the kettle that’s being hailed as the king of all brew kettles? We’re talking about the one and only BoilerMaker from Blichmann Engineering!

BoilerMaker beer brewing kettles are made to meet the needs of even the most discriminating homebrewers in every way. To begin with, they’re exactly the right size to hold and protect the average amount of homebrew a beermaker makes at one time. They also come complete with a long list of features that easily make them the brew kettles to beat:

  • Heavy duty, custom built stainless steel construction that’s built to last.
  • Adjustable BrewMometer included to help make monitoring your homebrew a snap
  • Cloud-resistant, scratchproof borosilicate GLASS level gauge for brew kettles complete with cleaning brush and clean-out ports
  • Simple and effective snap-in dip tube that is easily installed without any sort of tools
  • Special ergonomic handles that make carrying much easier and safer
  • Stepped bottom on brew kettles that support the mash screen and takes sidewall shunting completely out of the equation
  • Much more that you’ll simply have to experience to believe

What People Are Saying About BoilerMaker Brew Kettles

“I’ve been thinking seriously about investing in a couple of good brew kettles for a while now, but I was really concerned about spending all that money and not getting my money’s worth. Then I heard about Blichmann’s BoilerMaker brew kettles, did my research on them, and instantly knew I’d found the right brew kettles for me. They have absolutely every feature I could possibly want and at a truly great value considering how efficient they are, so at this point? I’m really glad I bought two.”

“You really can’t imagine my surprise when my wife gave me a BoilerMaker stainless steel brew pot for Christmas. I’d been hearing about these brew kettles for a while now from my beermaker friends, so of course I wanted one for myself. However, I wasn’t prepared for how thoroughly it would revolutionize my homebrewing routine. Seriously, my beers have been noticeably better and more flavorful since getting this pot and I know I have Blichmann’s to thank… and my wife as well, of course. Thank you again, honey! You’re the best.”

“As an upscale bar owner and long-time beer enthusiast, I naturally won’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to my brewing equipment and believe me when I say I’ve tried my share of different brew kettles. The BoilerMaker from Blichmann is quite simply the best beer brewing kettle available on the market hands down – truly everything a serious beermaker dreams about! You will never hear about me recommending anything else, simple as that.”

Buy the 10, 15, 20, 30 or 55 gallon brew kettles here for the best price and service