Cornelius Kegs – A Review

Cornelius kegs are already well-known among restaurant and pub owners as the best, most reliable kegs money can buy. They make storing, dispensing and preserving soft drinks a breeze, so naturally it was just a matter of time before they became the go-to keg of choice for homebrewers everywhere. Many brewers who are serious about their craft say they wouldn’t even consider trusting their beers to anything other than a Cornelius keg (or Corny kegs, as they’re sometimes called) and with good reason.

Cornelius kegs

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Made of top quality stainless steel, Cornelius kegs have revolutionized the way people handle their home brewing projects. Advanced brewers who are in the habit of producing larger, more frequent batches of beer are often looking for ways to cut down on unnecessary steps that slow down production time. Top notch Cornelius kegs eliminates the need to store, clean and handle a large number of bottles. They also go a long way toward preserving the freshness and quality of your homemade beers.

Experts in the field consider durable, reliable Cornelius kegs to be far and away the most efficient kegs of their type on the market today, making them the number one choice of homebrewing experts everywhere. If you’re interested in getting your beer up to a quality level on par with professional brewing establishments and even pubs, then Cornelius kegs are your chance. You’ll notice a significant difference in the flavor, freshness and clarity level of your beer from the very first time you use yours.

Buy the 3 gallon | 5 gallon Cornelius kegs here for the best price and service

What People Are Saying About Cornelius Kegs

“As a bar owner, I’ve known about the quality level and high performance associated with Cornelius kegs for years, so when I decided to start brewing larger batches of my own ale at home, I knew where to place my trust from the get-go. I use a 3-gallon Cornelius keg to store and dispense my special recipes through my home bar and I must say that I’m really impressed. My ales stay as fresh and flavorful as the premium beers I keep on tap at my bar. It’s nice not to have to keep all those bottles around as well!”

“I first got into homebrewing years and years ago. As I’ve perfected my recipes over the years, more and more of my friends have wanted to come over to my place and hang out during football season. You could even say my ales have become something of a running tradition. Naturally, I’ve been producing bigger and bigger batches to accommodate people’s interest, but bottling had become an extremely tedious undertaking as a result. Corny kegs simplify this process down to a single step for me, saving me hours of my time. My friends just love that I have a genuine keg as part of my home bar as well.”

“I’ve trusted my beers to other kegs in the past to results I wasn’t exactly impressed with. However, when I started hearing the buzz about Cornelius kegs, I decided to give one a chance for myself. I’m happy to say my beers have never been tastier, fresher, or more perfectly preserved! I’m beginning to wonder how I ever got along without it.”